Edwin "Edub" Powell grew up in Tampa, Fl and as a youngster he always had a love for sports. At the time there was not a NBA team in Florida so he rooted for the Knicks because he really like Patrick Ewing. The first player that he ever really considered to be his favorite was Dominique Wilkins.
His NBA sports journey took many turns as he could no longer deal with the heart break the Knicks gave him year after year. (Especially since he wasn't even from New York.) From then on he really just liked to cheer for the superstars in the NBA. Among his favorites were Glenn Robinson, Allen Iverson and Larry Johnson. In today's game he just enjoys watching greatness regardless of who is wearing the jersey.
Unless they are playing the Hawks.
Edub has over 10 plus years in media experience and has served as a writer, editor and blogger for his own site which appeared daily on the Fox Sports website. He has been on radio and hosted numerous podcasts including the HawksBeat podcast which is recorded weekly.
This is Edub's 4th year (although not consecutively) of covering the Hawks. Although he would never admit to having a "favorite team" he does root for the Hawks to win every game because when the Hawks win, he wins.
"It's good for business. "
The Atlanta Hawks are a easy team to root for. The ownership, front office, PR staff and and even the ushers at Philips arena are good geniune people.  The Hawks have been more than gracious to the endeavors here at Hawksbeat and we are truly grateful for that.
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